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Frequently Asked Questions About Financing a Car

Auto loans can be very confusing. You are often asked to fill out a complex form, expose both personal and financial records, and  be subjected to all kinds of industry jargon. At Westpont Auto Finance we work for you to get you the financing you need for the vehicle...

What is a subprime car loan?

"Subprime car loans are for buyers with a low credit score." You can't miss the "0% financing" advertising for vehicles these days. It is EVERYWHERE! This does not mean you qualify for this deal. Close to one-third of Canadians looking to finance the purchase of a...

Special financing auto loans

If your credit isn't so great, you may not be able to get "standard" financing for the vehicle you need to purchase. Special financing auto loans may be the way you'll need to go. If you've never heard of "special financing" then it's important to understand the...

Getting an car loan post bankruptcy

Bankruptcy can be devastating to individuals who are seeking out auto loans or trying to find a new house. But now banks and lenders of all kinds have become much more tolerant of less than perfect credit scores over the past seven years. It took long enough, but the...

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